Exploring Crownline’s Bread Toaster Collection

Nothing beats starting your day with perfectly toasted bread. And with a Crownline bread toaster, you can enjoy that crispy delight anytime.

Our bread toasters are not just convenient and user-friendly but also stylishly designed to complement any kitchen decor. They offer various settings to achieve your preferred level of crunchiness. The manual stop feature of these bread toasters allows you to control the toasting process, ensuring your toast is just how you like it. Additionally, their easy-to-clean design helps prevent breadcrumb buildup!

Do you want to learn more about our bread toasters? Keep reading to explore our latest selection and their features.

Crownline Long Slot 2 Slice Glass Toaster (TR-274)

The TR-274 bread toaster is ideal for your daily toast. Its unique tempered glass window lets you monitor the toasting process, allowing you to stop the toaster as needed. This bread toaster’s stainless steel construction ensures no plastic odours affect your toast, and its wide, long slots can fit various bread types, from bagels to croissants. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable crumb tray and slide-out glass panel. It features an automatic lifting lever, eliminating manual efforts common in other toasters. Additionally, this bread toaster has convenient bagel and defrost settings.

Crownline 2 Slice Stainless Steel Housing Toaster (TR-202)


If you’re a fan of classic designs with modern functionality, the TR-202 bread toaster is for you. This vintage-looking bread toaster comes with a stainless steel exterior and features self-adjusting slots to fit different bread types. The 6-position control dial and electronic sensor ensure consistent browning. Its dual independent panels and indicator lights make toasting effortless, and the easy-touch buttons offer defrost, cancel, and reheat functions. This bread toaster also includes safety features like automatic shut-off and a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning.

Buy your Crownline bread toaster at Amazon or Noon.com, or visit a National Store near you to explore our collection. With a Crownline bread toaster in your kitchen, you’re guaranteed crunchy, delicious toast every time.

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