39 Cool Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

Cool gifts for parents and in-laws, that they’ll actually love! Separated into his, hers, and joint gift ideas.

gift ideas for moms and dads, mostly for the home gift ideas, but some stylish fashion ideas as well

Gifts for parents and in-laws is probably one of the toughest gift guide to create.

Because your (or at least my) parents and in-laws often say they ‘don’t need or want anything’. How are you supposed to buy something special for someone like that?

Well, I don’t know exactly, BUT I thought for a really long time about it and came up with the best gift ideas I could find. I also included some presents that I’ve actually bought for either my parents or in-laws before.

Hope this list will be helpful for you.

I kept the majority of the gift ideas under $100 and separated the lists out into his and hers. There are some luxury gifts mixed in too, to balance things out.

But honestly, quite a few of these gifts would be awesome as a joint gift for both parents or in-laws together, if that’s an option in your family.

variety of images of gifts for mom and mother-in-laws featuring home decor and fashion items

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws (Hers)

1. shearling-lined moc clog from Jenni Kayne $375 on sale for $282

I love these clogs – something about them that is effortless but also chic. They can be worn as slippers OR out and about. 

2. handcrafted wood salad bowl from Casa Zuma $92

This one is a little specific, but if you know someone who likes to entertain, this giant salad bowl would be a nice option. Comes in a few sizes and each on his handmade in Michigan.

3. scalloped breccia marble serving board from Terrain $108

This serving board is seriously stunning!! Who wouldn’t love this?

4. midnight musings pajama Set from Madewell $85

A nice pair of pajamas is always a solid gift, imo. But a pair of pjs that is comfy AND looks enough like an outfit that you can wear it to grab the mail without feeling embarrassed? Perfect! I love this color too.

5. food storage set from Caraway $220 (up to 20% off for black Friday)

I have this exact set (in cream) and I absolutely LOVE it! No notes. Also available as individual pieces starting at $35.

By far, the prettiest food storage I’ve ever had. I brought all of it to Hayes’ bday party, so things would stay fresh for guests, but you could still see what everything was before opening it. That feature also makes it helpful for at home use, when you pop leftovers in the fridge, but then forget what’s inside. With the clear window in the lid it’s easy to see what’s inside, without having to open it. It’s the little things!

SALE! For a limited time, Caraway is having a sale! Save 10% on orders $85+ / Save 15% on orders $425+ / Save 20% on orders $525+ AND receive a free Tea Kettle and 20% off on orders $975+.

6. Steamery rechargeable fabric shaver + lint remover on Amazon $65

I want one of these! Would be great for a parent who has a few fancy sweaters that they want to take extra good care of. 

7. mulberry silk eye mask from Brooklinen $28

Comes in 9 colors – protects skin and hair from friction damage. Also available as a set with a silk pillowcases.

8. Café™ AFFETTO espresso machine + frother from Bed Bath and Beyond $629 on sale for $379

This is the espresso machine that we recently got and it would be THE best gift for someone who loves coffee shop coffees (Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, etc).

With this machine you can make all of those coffee drinks at home in less than a minute. And you use your own coffee or espresso beans as well (no pods for this machine).

9. ceramic round mug from Amber Interiors $62 on sale for $50

These handmade mugs are so beautiful. 

More Gifts for Parents and In-Laws (Hers)

10. Kitchen Aid kitchen shears from Amazon $10

Kitchen shears are SO handy. I have a pair of these Kitchen Aid ones and have no complaints.

They do what they’re supposed to do and are affordable too. Also, they come in 7 colors, so there are lots of options there.

11. leather Apple watch band from Madewell $55

Giving an apple watch an upgrade with new watch bands is nice because it feels like getting a whole new watch. 

12. Grown Alchemist Hand Cream from Amazon $24 on sale for $17

The vanilla orange peel one is my favorite hand cream scent! I almost always have one of these in my purse. And it’s on sale for Black Friday.

13. simple marble bowls from Horne $65

Heart eyes for these bowls.

14. handmade brown pitcher from Bloomist $30

Oh! I would happily take one of these pitchers. I  feel like so many gardening and decor-loving moms (and grandmas) would appreciate this. Also, p good price point, right?

15. piecework puzzle from Anthropologie $38 

I have 3 or 4 piecework puzzles because they are beautiful AND pretty challenging to complete. If you one of your parents or in-laws loves puzzles or has a lot of free time, this is a GREAT gift. 

And if you’re family member is dreaming of a destination vacation, another great puzzle option would be one from Gray Malin (available on Amazon in the $15-20 range).

gift ideas for men, who are dads and in-laws

Gifts for Parents and In-Laws (His)

16. chocolate pickleball backpack from Recess $108 on sale for $86

This would be a great gift for the pickleball lover. Pickleball is pretty popular rn. 

17. shearling wool slipper clogs from Parachute $79

Can’t go wrong with a good pair of slippers. These olive green slippers are cute too.

And if these slippers are not quite the vibe, there are a bunch of more traditions option on LL Bean.

18. Finex cast iron skillet from Crate & Barrel $200 (on sale)

This skillet is gorgeous and I’ve heard good things about how it cooks as well.

19. the perfect mug from East Fork $40

I will forever recommend East fork mugs! They are really good quality and have a timeless style / vibe.

20. linen apron from The Citizenry $89 on sale for $80

Comes in 3 colors!

21. fancy chess board from Soukra $230

A special gift that they’ll have forever. This would be a nice joint gift for parents and in-laws as well.

22. build your own bluetooth and FM a radio from Uncommon Goods $100

Perfect for the dad that likes to tinker and build things.

23. Laguiole Ivory Knives (set of 6) from Lulu and Georgia $85

I want these knives for myself, but I was thinking this would be a cool gift for anyone who really likes cooking.

Maybe even in conjunction with another gift – like a cookbook.

24. super plush robe from Brooklinen $99

This absolutely looks like a robe that a dad would own and keep for 20+ years. Don’t you think? *And I mean that in a good way.

25. Courant iPhone charger from Amazon $40

Everyone could use a good looking phone charger. This one comes in 6 colors.

More Gifts for Parents + In-Laws (His)

26. soft pretzel baking kit from Terrain $26

For anyone who likes baking…and eating! Me, me, me!

27. marled grey socks $15 from Brooklinen (20% off for Black Friday)

I have 2 pairs of these socks. They’re nice and thick – perfect for just lounging around the house.

Very cozy and a great price.

28. grill planks sampler pack set from Food 52 $20

For the grillers!

29. Snow Peak fire side gloves from Amazon $70

If your loved one is the adventurous / camping / by the fire kind of guy.

gift ideas for parents and in-laws that love home decor, appliances, indoor gardening, and more

Joint Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

30. coffee ritual bundle $96 from Casa Zuma (15% off sitewide through 11/27)

This would be a cool joint gift for parents or in-laws that love coffee.

31. SSS snug throw blanket from Lulu and Georgia $98 (25% off sitewide though 11/28)

This blanket looks SO soft! I love the color (comes in a mossy green too).

32. cloud loom organic towels set of 6 from Coyuchi $238 on sale for $178.50

Bath towels are a really good joint gift. Practical but also feel like a luxury if you get the good ones.

33. wine club from Leon Circle $79

Subscription gifts are always nice.

34. seasonal harvest gift box from Simone Leblanc $158

You wouldn’t even have to wrap this gift! It looks so pretty as is.

35. Apple TV from Target $130

I think we’ve purchased apple tvs for each of my parents separately and my in-laws too. Why?! Because it’s a really good gift! Gets used ALL the time by everybody.

And if you order it from Target, you can usually choose to pick it up in store two hours later (depending on where you live). So it can be picked up last minute, if needed.

36. Ooni outdoor pizza oven from Amazon $299

I don’t know very many people who wouldn’t want this outdoor pizza oven (myself included).

37. indoor garden from Amazon $300

This one is definitely one of the more luxury indoor gardens. But there’s another great indoor herb garden that’s way more affordable, if it’s better for your budget. 

38. photo gallery frames from Artifact Uprising $59 and up

What parent  or in-law wouldn’t appreciate a sentimental framed photo as a gift?

More Joint Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

39. pour-over kettle from Fellow $68 (on sale)

This is nice gift for pour-over coffee lovers AND tea lovers too. Such a pretty kettle.

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That’s it for this one! If you have any there gift ideas for parents or in-laws, let me know. I’d love to hear you suggestions.

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