What’s the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

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With its motorized brush and extendable crevice tool, this handheld vac cleans up pet fur in a snap, especially on upholstery.

The Black+Decker 20V Max Dustbuster AdvancedClean+ Cordless Pet Hand Vacuum HHVK515JP07 cleans up pet fur better than any other handheld vacuum we’ve tried. It offers great suction, enhanced by a motorized brush that agitates debris and dislodges stubborn fur from grippy upholstery. It also has a built-in extendable crevice tool that helps target fur and other detritus on kitchen counters and between couch cushions.

The HHVK515JP07’s bin volume is the largest of the handheld vacs we’ve tested. This model also runs longer (for 25 minutes) than its competitors. Its battery charges in less than three hours but isn’t replaceable. Its filters are washable and replaceable, though.

Black+Decker covers the HHVK515JP07 with a two-year warranty.

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This bagged canister vacuum excels on both bare floors and carpets, and it has many adjustment options and attachments that make picking up fur a breeze.

The SEBO Airbelt K3 Premium, our top-performing canister vacuum, combines excellent cleaning power and filtration with comfortable handling and thoughtful design.

In our tests, the Airbelt K3 Premium excelled at picking up fur on carpets and couches, along with dirt and debris dragged in from the outside. Its powerful electric cleaner head is the best we’ve tested, gliding effortlessly on bare floors and across short-, medium-, and high-pile carpets and rugs. This model has three useful onboard attachments, including an efficient upholstery tool that works well on fur.

When purchased from an authorized dealer, the Airbelt K3 Premium comes with a generous warranty: seven years for the motor and five years on parts and labor, increasing to 10 years and seven years, respectively, with registration.

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If you have a small pet or two and live in an apartment, this versatile cordless vacuum cleaner, which has a large dustbin and recharges quickly, might be all you need to keep fur at bay.

The battery-powered Ryobi 18V One+ HP Cordless Pet Stick Vac Kit with Dual-Roller Bar is reasonably priced, and it offered above-average performance in our cordless stick vacuum tests. Its powerful all-terrain cleaner head agitates and lifts hair and debris from both bare floors and rugs, and its extra-large bin doesn’t need emptying mid-cleaning.

The Ryobi 18V One+ HP stick vac stands up on its own, but it’s heavier than many of its cordless competitors and harder to maneuver on stairs. It comes with a motorized brush for removing stubborn pet fur from upholstery, a regular crevice tool, and a useful micro crevice tool for reaching fluff in tight spots.

This model’s battery runs for a good 35 minutes, and its two-hour charge time is one of the fastest among the sticks we tested. In addition, you can easily exchange the battery and use it in a variety of Ryobi tools.

The Ryobi 18V One+ HP stick vac has a three-year warranty.

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This bot is a great navigator that can avoid pet obstacles while keeping on top of the fur.

This is the Roborock Q5 packaged with a charging dock that sucks debris from its dustbin after it cleans.

Of the robot vacuums we tested, the Roborock Q5 was one of the quietest and most thorough cleaners, picking up more debris than some costlier models. It can map multiple levels of your home and remember a floor’s layout, and it allows you to block off areas where pets snooze or eat.

This model’s app is user-friendly and offers dozens of customizations, such as scheduling cleaning cycles and vacuuming specific rooms. It tells you when to replace filters and brushes, and with the included remote control, you can send it back to places it may have missed. While Roborock’s obstacle-detection system is far from perfect, the Q5 avoided hurdles more effectively than most other robot vacuums we tested. It’s also one of the quietest robots we’ve tried, which skittish pets will appreciate.

The Roborock Q5+ performs exactly the same as the Q5 but comes with a charging station that can empty debris from the robot right into a disposable bag.

Both models come with a one-year warranty.

Our pick

This solid, affordable robot vacuum has a bin large enough to hold a decent amount of fur.

In our cleaning tests, the basic Eufy RoboVac 11S Max outperformed many robots with fancier navigation, sucking up more debris than most, including along baseboards and close to walls. Its low height allows it to effortlessly glide under furniture to pick up dust bunnies and missed kitty treats.

It’s so quiet and nimble, it fades into the background like no other robot we’ve tested. The RoboVac 11S Max doesn’t connect to an app, but it does come with a remote control for scheduling it to clean and directing it to missed spots. But its navigation system tends to be random, and its bumbling aimlessness gets on some people’s nerves.

It comes with a one-year warranty.

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