Ultimate Choice for Compact Living Environments: Crownline’s Portable Air Conditioners

Maybe you lack the space for a wall-mounted unit, or perhaps you want the flexibility to move your cooling solution from room to room. No matter what’s keeping you from installing a traditional AC, you can always count on Crownline’s portable air conditioner range.

Why should you choose Crownline’s portable solutions?

Crownline offers a selection of advanced, compact, yet powerful portable air conditioners that are ideal for commercial spaces, living rooms, studio apartments, and other small or challenging areas. Our designs feature exhaust kits that easily fit onto any window, offering you the flexibility to move the unit to different rooms as needed. Each unit also comes with an intuitive control panel and a remote for effortless operation.

Cool and dehumidify with one unit


If you’re in the market for a multifunctional appliance, the Crownline PAC-224 portable air conditioner comes with built-in dehumidifying capabilities. This unit combines fast cooling with low-noise operation, making it a comfortable choice for both homes and offices, covering up to 500 square feet. Installation is a breeze. The unit is equipped with a 2-metre drain hose and a 1.5-metre exhaust hose. With an onboard LED touch panel and a remote control that operates from up to 10 metres away, adjusting settings has never been easier.

Robust and energy-efficient cooling

Robust and energy-efficient cooling

For smaller spaces like a 425-square-foot room or commercial area, the Crownline PAC-152 portable air conditioner is a sturdy and reliable choice. Built with commercial-grade components for durability, it also features an energy-efficient mode when you add water to the tank. Despite its eco-friendly operations, this unit offers 12,000 BTUs of robust cooling power. Additional features like a remote control and a 24-hour timer add to its convenience.

Where can you get your Crownline portable air conditioner?

Whether you’re looking to cool a commercial space or just want a more comfortable home, you can purchase a Crownline portable air conditioner from a National Store near you or shop online at Amazon or Noon.com. If you’re interested in wholesale pricing, feel free to email us at info@crownline.ae.

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