The Kitschy Design Trend Taking Over Kitchens in 2024

Move over minimalist decor. Pinterest has released its trend predictions for 2024, and kitschy kitchens are expected to dominate, especially for Gen X and boomers.

In the past several years, minimal and modern farmhouse interior designs have been a spotlighted style with their white walls, shiplap, and nature-inspired elements. Kitschy designs flip the script with bright walls, vintage appliances, and eclectic decor.

What does Kitschy Design Mean?

Kitschy is also known as gaudy or tacky. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as poor taste due to excess or sentimentality but appreciated in an ironic way. It’s an in-your-face, maximalist style with unexpected items layered together, like a combination of clashing colors, patterns, and textures.

Elements of Kitschy Kitchens

Colorful Cabinets

Say goodbye to white and wood — kitschy kitchens have colorful cabinets. While any color works, top choices include light pink, baby blue, purple, and light green. We’re seeing these colors on retro style and shaker cabinets.

Vintage Appliances

Mid-century modern-style appliances make a huge impact in kitschy kitchens. Any retro-looking 1950s-type appliance works. Other options include wrapping standard appliances in colorful film or choosing Smeg tabletop appliances, like toasters and coffee makers.

Unexpected Color Combinations

When designing a kitschy kitchen, there’s no wrong color combination. (Unless the colors are too boring.) Popular combinations include light pink and royal blue, deep purple and light green, green and pink, and yellow and blue. Choose your favorite colors and blend them. The higher the contrast, the better.

Display Cheerful Decor

In a kitschy style, there’s no need to clear the counters or tables of all clutter. Instead, display your collection of colorful bowls, hang pot holders, or line a table with cute sets of measuring cups. Use bright or patterned kitchen tools as decor.

A Mix of Patterns

Mix and match patterns even if they clash. Kitschy designs are over the top, making many patterns a key element. Consider bringing patterns through your flooring, area rug, wallpaper, wall decor, and kitchen towels.

Kitschy Kitchen Examples

Light and Bright Kitschy Kitchen

Light and Bright Kitschy Kitchen
Image from Alison Kandler Interior Design

Those who aren’t ready to transition from white cabinets can note how the designers incorporated color into this kitchen. The white cabinets have a touch of red on the pulls, and the patterned floor adds more color for a bright space. The kitchen features retro appliances, a red island, and whimsical lighting.

Pink and Green Theme

Pink and Green Theme
Image by RLB Architecture

Hot pink and lime green offer a vivid contrast in this bold kitchen. The updated mid-century modern look offers a vintage feel while the light fixtures add glam. The eclectic style of this kitchen provides the perfect kitschy look.

Competing Patterns in a Small Space

Competing Patterns in a Small Space
Image by Rikki Snyder

This small NYC apartment is in no shortage of color or pattern. The designers chose a bright pink wallpaper with bubbles and contrasted it with a cheetah print table and pops of gold. The clashing patterns and colors are what make this design work so well.t

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