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Our pick

The Café CTS70DP2NS1 stands out among wall ovens for its beautiful, pro-style design and great reputation for cooking performance at about half the price of an upscale brand.

The Café CTS70DP2NS1 has a sharp, minimalist look, with no buttons or knobs (just a full-color touchscreen control panel that turns off when it’s not in use) and a stainless finish with a pro-style round handle that is available in six accent colors. Though we have not tested this oven’s cooking performance, our experience with testing older GE ovens, coupled with recommendations from experts around the industry, leaves us feeling confident that it should be excellent at baking and roasting. Noteworthy features include a convection cooking mode, a glide-out rack, and (most surprising for the price) an assisted cooking mode that can set the right times and temps for different dishes. The most popular version of this oven is a 30-inch, single-oven model, but it’s also available in a 27-inch width, as well as in a double-oven configuration.

Budget pick

This oven has many of the same features as some pricier models, and it should be just as good at baking and roasting, though it doesn’t look quite as sleek.

If you don’t want to spend a bundle (maybe you need to quickly replace a broken oven), the GE JTS5000SNSS is excellent for the price. Although it doesn’t have the professional look and sophisticated cooking programs of the Café, this GE still has an intuitive glass touch-control panel (though not in full color), a glide-out rack, and convection cooking, and it’s backed by the brand’s great reputation for baking and roasting. This model also comes in six finishes, so it should be easy for you to find a shade to match your kitchen decor.

Upgrade pick

The JennAir Rise is a stunning oven with high-end build quality, flush installation, and an innovative but easy-to-use control panel. It also costs less than many premium models.

If you have a big budget, you can choose from plenty of great wall ovens. But for our own kitchens, we’d go with the JennAir Rise JJW3430LL. Its seamless finish, flush installation, and heavy-duty build quality set it apart from the Café (and similar mid-priced wall ovens), but the JennAir costs thousands less than some other premium ovens. Reviewers have praised previous JennAir ovens for their excellent performance. We found that the touchscreen controls were easy to figure out, and we think that the guided cooking modes could really make it easier to get the best version of your dinner on the table.

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