The 4 Best Washing Machine & Dryer Sets of 2024

Our pick

This speedy and gentle front-loader is excellent at removing all kinds of stains. It has a solid reputation for reliability, but LG’s customer service is not great.

This matching electric dryer can stack with our pick. It’s also available in a gas version.

Of the models we tested, the LG WM4000H displayed the best combination of speed and cleaning power, with some of the shortest, most effective cleaning cycles available. The WM4000H excelled at removing stains in the least amount of time, while still treating fabrics gently. It also offers one of the widest varieties of wash and temperature settings we’ve seen.

The Energy Star–certified WM4000H operates quietly, includes a useful interior light, and has a magnetic door prop that helps prevent mildew and manage odor.

This Wi-Fi–enabled model connects to LG’s ThinQ app, which allows you to monitor cycles, receive maintenance alerts, and start the machine remotely.

According to experts, LG front-loaders are developing a robust reliability track record (we hear the fewest reader complaints about LG machines, too), and the WM4000H has been known to perform well for years. But LG’s customer service is not as strong as that of other brands whose appliances we recommend.

The matching LG DLEX4000 dryer (which is also available in a gas version) was one of the fastest and most thorough dryers we tested. The WM4000H washer and DLEX4000 dryer are stackable.


This high-performing front-loader removes stains very well and has an array of specific and useful settings. But it doesn’t have as good of a reputation for reliability as our pick does.

This electric dryer is designed to prevent overheating and handle fabric carefully. It’s stackable with our runner-up washer.

The Electrolux ELFW7637A impressed us with its top-notch stain-removal power and ability to handle fabrics as gently as our top pick. Its array of specific settings (some more gimmicky than useful) allows for a greater level of customization in comparison with our other picks. But the ELFW7637A’s wash cycles are about 10 minutes longer than those of our top pick.

Unlike our top pick, the ELFW7637A has a reversible door. This washer has an interior light, and its control panel, which features a digital dial, is brighter and easier to see than that of our top pick. In addition, its advanced detergent dispenser provides a place for pods and a technology that premixes detergent with water before a cycle begins.

The ELFW7637A is Energy Star certified but not Wi-Fi enabled. Though Electrolux’s reliability track record is not as strong as LG’s, this model’s online reviews are excellent overall.

The ELFW7637A’s matching dryer, the Electrolux ELFE7637AT, performed well in our testing, consistently delivering dry laundry. (It is also available in a gas version.) The ELFW7637A washer and ELFE7637AT dryer are stackable.

Also great

A thorough cleaner, this model manages mold better than the other front-loaders we recommend. But it has longer cycles than our top pick and is potentially less reliable.

The cycles on this matching electric dryer are a bit longer than those of other machines we tested, but our clothing emerged fully dry every time. It is also available in a gas version.

The GE GFW655 cleans well and is gentle on fabrics. Similar to our top pick, it offers a variety of wash programs. But it is slower overall, taking about 20 minutes longer than our top pick to wash a load on a “normal” cycle. This model has a reversible door and an interior light. Unlike our other picks, it has an option for auto-dispensing detergent.

The GFW655 addresses mold, mildew, and odor—frequent complaints leveled at front-loaders—with a gasket, detergent tray, and drain hose all treated with antimicrobial Microban and venting (video) that drains and dries the washing machine. None of our other picks have this type of venting system, which removes the need to wipe out the drum often or to prop open the door.

The GFW655 is Energy Star certified and Wi-Fi enabled, capable of connecting to the GE SmartHQ app. Our top pick has more favorable online reviews than the GFW655, but this model still gets good ratings from people who own it.

The GE GFD65 dryer performed similarly to our top-pick dryer but took about 10 minutes longer to dry a load on a “normal” cycle. (It also comes in a gas version.) The GFW655 washer and GFD65 dryer are stackable.

Also great

This top-loader with an agitator cleans well, offers multiple fill options, and has a few useful energy-saving features. But some cycles are tough on clothing.

This matching electric dryer offers dampness sensors, a variety of cycles, and an interior light.

If you prefer a top-loader or want to spend a bit less on a washing machine, the GE GTW585BSVWS is a strong choice. In our stain-removal tests, it held its own against many of the front-loaders we tried, though it didn’t perform quite as well as our front-loader picks. This model handles clothing gently enough, though as with other top-loaders its heavy-duty cycle can be harder on fabrics.

This model has five fill options (the most of any top-loader we tested) that you can manually select. You can also save your favorite wash settings.

Top-loaders are less water and energy efficient than front-loaders. Compared with other top-loading washing machines, the GTW585BSVWS stands out thanks to a few energy-saving features, including an effective cold-water cycle and a sensor-based setting to use the least amount of water possible. It isn’t Energy Star certified, though, as our other picks are.

The matching GE GTD58EBSVWS dryer dried clothing just fine in our tests and has dampness sensors and an assortment of cycles. It is also available in a gas version.

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