The 4 Best French Door Refrigerators of 2024

Our pick

Considering its smaller-than-average footprint, this handsome, quiet refrigerator is spacious. In our surveys, LG consistently ranks at the top for customer satisfaction.

The well-rounded and good-looking LG LRFLC2706S offers the strongest marriage of capacity (26.5 cubic feet) and design we’ve seen for the price (it’s often around $2,000), from a company known for its reliability. Though it doesn’t sit fully flush with counters or cabinets, it looks as if it does, thanks to its design.

This model has a standard layout that’s user-friendly and more attractive than most. There’s also a sensor-activated water dispenser inside the LRFLC2706S’s door (you can operate it with one hand), and there’s an ice maker in the freezer.

This fridge is Energy Star–certified for efficiency, and owners report that it’s noticeably quiet. It has Wi-Fi–enabled smart features, so you can monitor or adjust the fridge remotely or get diagnostics if it breaks.

The LRFLC2706S’s standard one-year warranty adds an additional five years for parts (but not labor) on compressor and cooling components, which is rare. While LG consistently ranks at the top of our surveys for customer satisfaction, our surveys also suggested that LG’s customer service isn’t as strong as that of some of its competitors. This model comes in one finish.


This model is similar to our top pick, but it isn’t smart, and it takes up more space. It does have a more versatile layout, however.

If our top pick is unavailable or you prefer a different brand, or if you just want more finish options, we recommend the solid GE GNE27J.

It takes up more room than our top pick (mostly depth) without providing much more capacity (27 cubic feet, versus our top pick’s 26.5 cubic feet), but it has more-versatile shelving: You can fit a tall bottle or container upright, thanks to a sliding shelf.

The ice maker produces nearly twice as much ice as our top pick’s. The GNE27J also has a water dispenser inside the door, but you have to use two hands to operate it (our top pick’s can be operated with one hand).

This Energy Star–certified model doesn’t have smart features (like remote alerts or diagnostics), and it is not as quiet as our top pick. But you can often find it on sale for several hundred dollars less. Its warranty is standard, covering the refrigerator for one year and the compressor and cooling system for five years. Our research also shows that GE Appliances has a better customer-service track record than LG. This model comes in four finishes.

Upgrade pick

This streamlined fridge has plenty of capacity and such extras as a door-in-door compartment and a touch-activated translucent panel. It also makes lots of deluxe ice.

The LG LRYKC2606S has all of the best qualities of our top pick: It’s compact yet spacious, smart, quiet, and beloved by its owners. Plus it has bells and whistles that its owners really like.

This model has slightly less capacity than our top pick (25.5 cubic feet, compared with 26.5 cubic feet). But the interior is a little nicer, with metal trim and a sliding shelf for tall items like wine bottles. Instead of handles, the stainless steel doors have pockets, which look sleek (but could be harder for some people to use).

The LRYKC2606S has a door-in-door compartment, which allows you to access beverages and snacks without having to fully open the fridge. The door has what LG calls InstaView—a mirrored surface that turns into a translucent window when you knock on it, so you can see a bit of what’s in the fridge without opening it. (Owners report using the door-in-door feature a lot more.)

This Energy Star–certified fridge has three ice makers (one in the door, two in the freezer), and they produce four kinds of ice, including mini cubes and large spheres. It also has an in-door water and ice dispenser with a slimmer footprint than most. However, some users have reported the ice occasionally jams. The LRFLC2706S’s standard one-year warranty adds an additional five years for parts (but not labor) on compressor and cooling components. The fridge comes in one finish.

Also great

This smart, four-door French-door fridge has a very useful temperature-controlled drawer, an in-door water and ice dispenser, and the greatest capacity of our picks. But it takes up the most room.

If you want a fridge that offers extra customization and a little more space, the GE Profile PVD28BYNFS—a four-door French-door fridge—may appeal. With 27.9 cubic feet of capacity, this model is the most spacious of our picks, but it also has the largest footprint (it’s 34.25 inches deep without its handles).

Its fourth door is actually a separate, temperature-controlled drawer that owners report is useful for snacks, beverages, party trays, or any other items you reach for often or want to keep isolated and at a specific temperature.

Like our upgrade pick, the PVD28BYNFS has a door-in-door feature, which lets you access the door pocket without having to fully open the fridge. (Unlike the one on our upgrade pick, this one doesn’t have a transparent window.) This fridge also has an in-door water and ice dispenser that is well liked.

The PVD28BYNFS is Energy Star–certified, and it has Wi-Fi–enabled smart capabilities, including diagnostics, push alerts, and remote temperature control. It comes with a standard one-year warranty for the refrigerator and a five-year warranty for the compressor and cooling system. It is available in one finish.

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