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Lucy, a highly successful lawyer and now barrister, leads an exceptionally hectic life, as you would expect. For someone who has made a career in the intense court room environment, upon meeting her, she exudes calm, and has a friendliness that is magnetic, never seeming rushed or too busy.

It was the result of a forced ‘slow down’ during covid, whilst staying with her parents in their family home, that Lucy and her mum concocted the plan for her to find her own place. Lucy reflects, “I really wanted a space that was just mine”. Once the covid restrictions had lifted, they were determined to find Lucy an apartment. A fresh start and exciting time, something to call her own, they couldn’t wait to commence the hunt!

This was actually the first apartment they looked at, they were instantly drawn to it, with its lovely open, airy feel, the natural light and of course the balcony with a European like view across Carlton and back to the city. It really did have that special something extra. However, to ensure they weren’t just being romanced, they decided to continue their search and not jump at the first opportunity. Call it fate, or maybe serendipity, but after further searching and even an unsuccessful offer on another property they manged to snap this one up a few months later. Some might say it was meant to be.

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