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Travis introduced the couple to Richard from Lytton DC, one of the builders within Cantilever’s Build Network, “I was so impressed by Richard, together they guided us through the whole process”. Richard is a registered builder with an unlimited license. Richard’s license and insurance allows him to obtain a building permit on the clients behalf (which is required to remove load bearing walls), and also provides a seven year domestic home owners warranty, for the clients peace of mind. This was necessary in this case, due to the structural updates that were needed for the windows. Matt spoke highly of the process, “We needed to engage an architect and engineer in order to change the windows, Richard and Travis helped us navigate all of that. The Cantilever process felt like a very well-oiled machine”. In fact, he found this throughout the project, “I was most impressed by the communication between Travis, Richard and the other trades. They always kept me informed but I didn’t need to intervene at all. I felt really informed and communicated with throughout”.

Matt has a discerning eye for art and design, and had a clear creative aesthetic for the project, including the kitchen, “I had a vision for the style of kitchen and décor that I wanted”.  He knew he wanted to celebrate the 70’s features of the home, having had a lifelong passion for mid-century design and a nostalgic connection to the period. Some of his childhood memories of a friends mid century home, even playing into his material and colour choices. “Family friends had this amazing, quirky mid-century house, I realise now looking back that their house was the source of some of my inspiration. It was full of texture, the bathroom had gorgeous blue mosaic tiles, the kitchen had brown mosaics, lots of dark, moody colour palettes through the house, lots of geometrical shapes”.

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