Creating Calm Amidst the Construction: Our Sunroom Nook

With hammering, drilling and loud machinery filling our days lately, our sunroom has become a much needed escape for our family. You have heard it from me before, but here we are creating cozy space in the in-between of home renovation. However, all this construction comes with its fair share of noise, mess and general disruptions to our daily routine. Luckily, we have our sunroom – a bright, airy room at the back of our house with large windows overlooking the entire farm. It has served as a perfect oasis away from the renovation chaos. Just a thin wall separates this space from the construction work happening outside. But once we close the French doors, it feels like we’re transported to a peaceful world of our own.

Tezza 5513 scaled
Tezza 9051 scaled

Let’s chat about this tablecloth a little bit… Last week we scoured the internet for some amazing tablecloths and you can find that post (here)

White Aesthetic Vision Board Instagram Story 17

This beautiful color and lovely pattern fits this space so lovely. It looks like it could be curated from a small collection, but guess what… we picked this up from Amazon (here). I continue to walk into this room, and love this the color this tablecloth brings into this room.

Tezza 0667 scaled
Tezza 8804 scaled

Since we are getting closer to spring and we are starting to transition away from our winter decor to an I am loving this pops of color in the greens and floral tones. We have really found some great thrifted faux plants and florals and are using them in this space. Along with the florals, this cabbage-ware and Rabbit base I purchased from Cotten & Crete (link) are the perfect subtle touch for this space.

Grey Beige Aesthetic Vintage Simple Christmas Photo Collage Instagram Story

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