Colour Bounty — Cantilever Interiors

The versatility of Two Pack allows for a nuanced response and is often the final selection of a palette; here we have combined Dulux Algae, Showdown, Paramount Design, Mercury Storm and Waltzing, across the project. To lighten the impact of joinery where needed, I repeated wall and two pack colour, to blend the forms of cabinetry and architecture together, such as in the bathroom.

The bathroom design process involved a Tetris of function, working hard to include laundry and linen press in addition to the bath, shower, toilet and vanity, around the architectural fabric which included the retention of what was an old fireplace.  I exaggerated the fireplace structure to create the pillars and worked the palette to direct the eye on the features of the room, such as the vanity, bath and generous ceiling height.  The use of coloured concrete benchtop offers a hardy, but gentle material contrast to the hard tile surfaces of the adjacent pillars and allows the signature curved loop handles and corners of Tableau joinery to emerge.

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