A Look Under Your Sink

While it might look complicated, the kitchen plumbing system is not complex. You’ll find most kitchen plumbing components under your sink. These series of pipes and hoses provide hot and cold water, supply your dishwasher, and keep debris from clogging up your pipes.

Parts of a Kitchen Plumbing System

  • Basket strainer
  • Drain Tailpiece
  • Tee fitting
  • Garbage disposal
  • Drain trap
  • Hot water supply line
  • Cold water supply line
  • Dishwasher supply line
  • Dishwasher drain hose
  • Shut-Off Valve
  • Sink
  • Faucet

Components of Under-the-Sink Kitchen Plumbing

  • Basket Strainer: A metal piece in the sink drain that catches large debris and keeps them from entering the plumbing pipes. 
  • Drain Tailpiece: A short pipe that connects to the basket strainer and a tee fitting. 
  • Tee Fitting: A fitting with a “T” shape that connects to the drain tailpiece. The side portion connects to the garbage disposal. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, the tee fitting connects to the other side of the sink. The bottom of the tee fitting connects to the drain trap.
  • Garbage disposal: A food waste system located on one side of the sink that grinds food, making it small enough to travel through the plumbing.
  • Drain trap: A pipe that connects to the tee fitting and has a U shape on the bottom, allowing it to catch hair and debris that shouldn’t go out the pipes—the back end of the drain trap hooks to the plumbing outlet on the wall.
  • Hot water supply: A supply line (usually on the left) that hooks up to the sink, providing hot water.
  • Cold water supply: A supply line (usually on the right) that hooks to the sink, providing cold water.
  • Sink water lines: The sink water lines are the hot and cold water supply. They have flexible braided tubes that connect to the hot and cold water and then run up to the sink connections.
  • Dishwasher supply: A hot water supply line providing water for the dishwasher.
  • Dishwasher drain hose: A drain hose that runs from the dishwasher into a tee fitting or through the garbage disposal.
  • Shut-Off valve: A valve under the sink or near the bottom of the cabinet that allows you to turn off the water to the kitchen sink.
  • Sink: A basin set into the countertop used for washing dishes, washing hands, and cleaning up.
  • Faucet: The lever that controls the hot and cold water in a sink.

What About Refrigerator Plumbing?

If you have a refrigerator close to your kitchen sink, the water supply for the ice maker and water dispenser may run through the cabinetry, connecting to the water hookup on the fridge. If your refrigerator isn’t near your sink, chances are there’s a water line running under the flooring and then connecting to the fridge.

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