43 Cool Gifts for Guys (to Fit Any Budget)

I put together a big list of cool gifts for guys, in case you’re still doing some holiday shopping.

When I put together the list of stocking stuffers under $25, the guys section was the most popular. So this year, I spent a TON of time on the guys gift guide. Trying to find unique pieces that guys would really love to receive for the holidays (and beyond). 

Searching for cool guy’s stuff can be a challenge, so I hope this gift guide helps fill in some gaps on your shopping list. Whether your budget is $15 or $115. Gifts starting at $8!

43 gift ideas to fit your budget and your guy – boyfriends, husbands, dads, good friends, etc.

The guide to cool gifts for guys starts now!

Gifts for guys that include a cooking apron, striped socks, a unique handmade mug, incense, a wire saw cutter and more

Cool Gifts for Guys (Under $25)

So we’ll start on the smaller end of things. I’ve actually already rounded up 10 cool items for guys, under $25, here: cheap stocking stuffers for men (and women, kids, toddlers, and babies).

Honestly, those small gifts are great stocking stuffers AND also perfect gifts for neighbors / people you don’t know that well, but want to get a little something. OR just a solid gift for your main squeeze if you’re on a tight budget. We’ve all been there!

So head over to my guide for gifts under $25 for my picks for budget-friendly pressies for a guy. And then come right back here for even more gifts under $25!

1. Misc. Goods Co incense from Madewell Mens $12.99

I love incense as a stocking stuffer for pretty much anyone. And these have cool packaging, which makes them even better. 3 different scents available.

2. Cast Brass Keychain from Schoolhouse $12.99

Another great stocking stuffer. The price is too good to pass up, imo.

3. Water resistant chef apron from Amazon $19.99

I honestly can’t believe this apron is under $20 – looks way more expensive that that. Don’t you think?

Would work as a cooking apron or as a shop apron for woodworking and stuff. Comes in 8 colors!

4. Freckle glaze handmade tumbler cup from Goodhood $25

NEED! This is going on my own list as well.

5. Old fashioned mix from Bespoke Post $20

Cute stocking stuffer idea for someone who likes making cocktails at home.

6. Three Line Slub Quarter Socks from Canoe Club $20

These socks are made in Japan and are made of breathable fabric. And they’re cute.

7. Wire Saw with Walnut Ball Handles from Amazon $15

This light weight wire hand saw is great for cutting small tree branches, making kindling, and cutting thin metal. 

8. Insanely Clean face wash from Urban Outfitters $21

I mean, the packaging looked cool. So I think it was worth including.

9. Silicone Baking Sheet Set from Amazon $8

For the guy that likes to cook / bake, these reusable baking sheets are a solid gift. 

10. Insulated mug from Amazon $12

This mug has thousands of 5 star reviews and it’s only twelve dollars?! I was torn on whether to include the Yeti mug (which is kind of a classic) or a more affordable option. Both are under $25…but the insulated mug above is half the price of a Yeti.

That’s it for the $25 and under category. Well sort of…

I found so many gifts for under $25, that I had to add some of them to the under $50 list (below) to even things out. So scroll down to check out even more gifts at the under $25 mark. And some that are just above it too.

Gifts for guys which include herbal coffee,, ceramic coffee mugs, campfire mats, safety goggles, and other unique gifts

Cool Gifts for Guys (Under $50)

Here’s where things get interesting! At under $50 a piece, these gifts are still a good deal, but just a bit more substantial than the previous category.

You can really shop to what the guys on your list are interested in whether it be traveling, style, sports, or music.

These unique gifts for men (under $50) have a little something for nearly every interest.

11. Snow Peak camper’s mitten on Amazon $46

These camp mittens are pretty cool – made of fire-resistant leather to protect hands from sparks, hot pots and charcoal.

12. Point & Shoot Camera Phone Converter from Uncommon Goods $25

Makes your phone feel more like a point and shoot camera.

13. Wooden Spoon Herbs herbal coffee from Free People $24

It’s coffee….well, kind of! Made from (naturally) caffeine-free prebiotic roots, seeds, and adaptogenic mushrooms. 

14. Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion on Harrod’s $43

Everything from Aesop is lovely IMO.

15. Newgate retro alarm clock on Amazon $50

For the guy that likes to keep things old school with an actual clock that isn’t also his phone!

This stylish bedside clock is also an alarm clock!

16. East Fork mug on East Fork $36

This mug is so popular, it sells out every time it’s in stock. So I’m thinking a lot of people can back me up on how cool this mug is to receive as a gift. 

If it is sold out again, and you live in Atlanta or Asheville, you have a pretty good chance at snagging one of these. When I lived in Atlanta, i would pop into the Atlanta East Fork pretty regularly.

They also have really good smelling candles. Odd woods candle is the best for dudes and it’s also under $100…so it fits perfectly in this under $100 section of the cool gifts for guys.

17. Carry-All commuter bag from Glasswing $48

This is a bag I would 100% steal for myself. Simple and unisex. Comes in white / cream as well.

18. Apple air tag from Amazon $27

This is a basic one that is probably on every gift guide for guys. BUT that’s bc they’re really useful. If you know someone who is always losing their wallet, or keys, etc get them one of these!

19. Catchall case on Everlane $30

The site says it’s for women, but I think it makes a really cool dopp bag for guys and girls.

Love the simple design and affordability. Lots of colors available.

20. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaning Essential Kit on Amazon $18

This might be too  practical a gift for some. BUT for guys that like to keep their sneakers  and other shoes super clean, this is a good gift to throw their way.

21. Bouton Safety Glasses Eyewear from Amazon $23.80

If you know someone that does any kind of woodworking or home renovation stuff, get them these safety glasses.

Jeff has them and they look just like regular cute eye glasses. They have an extra piece on each side that blocks out small debris that a regular pair of glasses wouldn’t protect from.

Cool gifts for guys that feature a stylish winter beanie, felt slippers, unique ceramic items, and more 

Cool Gifts for Guys (Under $100)

So many good gifts for guys in this list. Possibly even a few things that I’d want as a gift too!

22. Heimat Signal Bobble Hat from Toast $95

Okay! I truly want this hat for myself. But I know there are a lot of guys that would love it too. 

OR get the Norse Projects beanie on Garmentory ($56). Jeff has several Norse Project beanies and I have absolutely stolen a couple of them to wear when it’s cold here. 

23. Felted wool slippers from Betterfelt $89

I’ve been seeing felted slippers pop up left and right, so I kinda feel like they might be this cool slipper option?

And I love these personally (if they had my size, I’d buy them for me too). They’re handmade in Nepal, out of 100% natural materials. 

*Available in a few colors, but have limited sizes. SO as another option, there are these, (which are similar) just a little bit higher in price.

24. Leather beaker from Canoe Club $100

This would definitely fall into the category of ‘guy who has everything’ because I can p much guarantee you they don’t already have a leather beaker. Haha.

25. General Admission salt and pepper shakers from Mr Porter $45

This is DEFINITELY the weirdest thing on the list. Idk why, but I am v into these. They’re quirky and fun. Great for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously…that also needs salt and pepper shakers.

This would be an interesting house warming gift too.

26. Jump rope from Kalon Studios $65

Never thought I’d put a jump rope on a gift guide. But this one is really cool!

Would be great for a guy who loves to exercise, but also appreciates good design. 

27. Festool Stacking Tool Boxes from Amazon $75 

If you know someone who has a lot of tools, these stacking Festool boxes are awesome. They can all be connected to each other and locked into place (there are wheel options too).

We have a stack of these in the garage and it keeps tools organized and easy to get to. Highly recommend.

28. Grid Stitch Textured Marl Socks from Toast $35 

These socks come in 2 colors and are really high quality. I absolutely love everything from Toast. Can you tell?

So if you want some more ideas for men (and women and home stuff too), click over and check it out.

29. Houseplant Stoneware from Mr Porter $60

The brand Houseplant was co-founded by Seth Rogan. And they make ashtrays, vases, and other stoneware items.

30. John Pawson: Making Life Simpler from Amazon $73

A book written by John Pawson’s friend (who was an architectural historian) about Pawson’s life, architecture, photography, travel, design, and more.

31. Timex Weekender Watch from Timex $52

I like the black dial on this watch…and the green.

32.Vintage Polaroid Land Camera from Urban Outfitters $95

Honestly, I want this vintage Land Camera for myself. But I probably have enough cameras at this point. So maybe you know someone who would love something like this?

Gifts for guys that include various items for the home and some mens fashion items

Cool Gifts for Guys (Over $100)

This category is for the splurger, or the real important guys in your life.

These luxe Men’s gifts can cover all the important guys in your life like Dad or your fella.

Speaking of, I hope Jeff doesn’t peek at this list. One of his gifts may or may not be on this list.

33. Toyo Steel Co Steel Cantilever Tool Box from Schoolhouse $149

I LOVE every tool box from this brand. We got Hayes a mini one for his birthday and it’s such good quality.

34. Moccamasters KBGV Select Coffee Brewer from Nordstrom $359 

Really love the retro vibe of this coffee maker. And like most of the items on this list, I think it would be a cool gift for anyone really, not just guys.

If the guy you’re buying for loves coffee and retro / vintage, this would be the one to get.

35. Bang & Olufsen (waterproof) portable wireless bluetooth speaker on Amazon $279

We have one of these (got it as a joint gift from my mom) and it’s awesome!

We have it hanging from the peg rail in between the dining room and kitchen and the sound is great IMO.

I love that you can hang it anywhere and it looks simple and cool.

36. Brew gift box from Simone LeBlanc $158

Simone LeBlanc makes such pretty (and well packaged) gifts. And this is my fave SL pick for guys. 

Outside of the holidays, this would be a really cool groomsmen gift too.

37. Birkenstock® Boston Suede Clogs from Madewell Mens $145*

Classic shoes that never go out of style, imo.

*Madewell is doing a big Black Friday deal right now (mens and womens) – almost everything is 40% off with code LETSGO

38. Leather buckner backpack on Fossil $328

If you want to get a special/ expensive gift for that guy in your life who has been asking for a leather backpack, I highly recommend this one!

This is the exact backpack Jeff has owned and used for the last FOUR YEARS and it 100% gets better with age.

He gets asked about it fairly regularly because it’s a timeless, simple shape AND it has no branding on it (which Jeff especially loves). It just looks like a cool, almost vintage backpack.

39. Snow Peak pack and carry fireplace on Amazon $200

We just ordered this little  pack and carry fireplace.

Planning to use it as a mini fire pit at the house, but we  also take it with us whenever we go camping, etc.

40. Aarke sparkling water soda maker from Amazon $222

We have this exact same Aarke (same color too) and use it every single day. Jeff gave it to me for Christmas last year and it has been the best gift. Highly recommend! 

Fancier / cuter than a basic Soda Stream, but uses the same CO2 canisters, which is nice. Makes it easy to switch canisters out and exchange them for new ones, etc.

41. Hawkins NY waffle robe from Urban Outfitters $128

This would be a great gift for someone who loves lounging around at home.

42. Raen Sunglasses from Madewell Mens $158

Good quality sunglasses are always a nice gift, imo. Especially if you live in California (or any place that’s always sunny).

43. Fellow coffee bean grinder from Amazon $199

This is one good looking coffee grinder! 

Bonus Gift Ideas for Guys

Here’s a few more gift ideas that didn’t make onto the main list…because I thought of them / found them after I had already made the list.

Hot ones hot sauce set from Amazon 

Know a guy who religiously watches that YouTube show Hot Ones? This is the gift! Jeff and I have this set and did the challenge, with all the hot sauces. It was fun….they definitely get SPICY at the end.

Would be a fun thing to break out with family on Christmas Eve as one of the games you play.

David Shrigley Really Good T-Shirt on Wolf and Badger $42

If you’re wondering how you know the name David Shrigley, it’s probably because his art covers the walls of the famed London restaurant, Sketch.

His art is so interesting IMO and I think it’d be cool to have a little wearable piece of art from him, for a guy OR girl!

Coffee subscription on Stumptown starting at $16 per shipment

There are several different pricing options for this one, depending on how much coffee you want. But they start at $16 per shipment.

If you know a coffee lover, who can never, ever, EVER can be without coffee in the morning, this subscription gift seems like a really good option.

So there you have it. The ultimate guide to cool gifts for guys. Did you find anything that’s gonna end up under your tree?

What was your favorite gift from the list?

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