29 Good Gifts for the Cook (and Baker)

Know someone who loves to cook or bake? This gift guide is dedicated to the people who love spending time in the kitchen. Gifts for the cook (and the baker).

Household gift ideas for the kitchen that are well-designed and specifically for cooks and bakers

Let’s talk about the ultimate gifts for people who like to cook and bakers alike. If you’re on the hunt for thoughtful presents that won’t break the bank, this gift guide has you covered with unique cooking and baking gift ideas starting as low as $8!

For cooking aficionados, I’ve shared my source for organic vegetable and herb seeds, the coolest looking measuring cup out there, my absolute favorite (very pretty) food storage, and so much more.

And for the bakers, there’s a must-have adjustable rolling pin with measuring rings for even dough every time, a food dehydrator with over 15,000 5-star reviews, etc.

29 gift ideas for the cook and the baker! Click through to see ’em all.

Home goods for the kitchen, that feature gift well-designed ideas for cooks and bakers

Gifts for Cooks + Bakers Under $50

1. Adjustable Rolling Pin with Measuring Rings from Food52 $39

Whether they’re a novice baker or a skilled one, this rolling pin makes rolling out dough much more convenient.

I could use one of these during the holiday cookie baking season. What about you? Also found a similar adjustable wood rolling pin at Target for $15 if you’re looking for something more affordable.

2. Kitchen Shears from Our Place $20

A new pair of kitchen shears are always appreciated! I use mine almost everyday.

Target has a cheaper pair available with cute mint handles (kitchen shears for only $3), if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option.

3. Raw Honey from Terrain $24

I think raw honey is another good option for both cooks and bakers. Or even a block of honeycomb

4. Ceramic-coated glass food storage from Caraway starting at $35

I have a complete set of Caraway’s ceramic-coated glass food storage (in cream). And absolutely LOVE it. By far, the prettiest food storage I’ve ever had.

I brought all of it to Hayes’ b-day party, so things would stay fresh for guests, but you could still see what everything was before opening it. Such a nice feature.

SALE! Caraway is having a sale (limited time only)! Save 10% on orders $85+ / Save 15% on orders $425+ / Save 20% on orders $525+ AND receive a free Tea Kettle and 20% off on orders $975+.

5. Screen printed + Dyed Potholder from Jenny Pennywood $38

It wouldn’t be a gift giving season if I didn’t mention Jenny Pennywood.

Jen can do no wrong in my book. Love her napkins, tea towels, and potholders too. 

6. Salt Cellar from Casa Zuma $32

Everyone could use a salt cellar, right? I happen to think this one is oh-so-pretty. But I also like this one from West Elm.

7. Enamel Storage Jar from Toast $35

Two colors available! LOVE these jars.

8. Bamboo Double Sided Cutting Board from Food52 $7.50

Cannot believe the sale price of this cutting board rn! Other sizes available as well, but I love this one bc it has a slot for your phone. In case you’re following a recipe.

9. SIN Ceramic Twist Trivet from West Elm $46

Not sure it occurred to me before this that I needed a pretty trivet. But now that I’ve seen it, I cannot unsee it. NEED!

small kitchen gift ideas for cooks, bakers, and hostess

More Must-Have Gifts Under $50

10. Digital Kitchen Food Scale from Target $15

This food scale would also be great for coffee lovers who make pour overs at home – to measure the coffee grounds.

11. Wood Biscuit Cutter from East Fork $20

For a baker, a cool biscuit cutter would make such a nice gift, stocking stuffer, or hostess gift! If I made biscuits more often, I would want one for myself.

12. Beyond Measure 2 Cup from Great Jones $35

I think I can say with confidence that I haven’t seen a cooler measuring cup than this one. Also available in a 4-cup measuring cup size.

13. Sweet Deliverance Blueberry Granola from Terrain $20

Unique and/or fancy(ish) food is always a safe gift for cooks and bakers. Terrain has a ton of unique food items, under $25. I think raw honey is another good option or even honeycomb.

14. Pepper Mill and Salt Shaker from Public Goods $29.95

It’s hard to find minimal, wood slat and pepper shakers that are under $50. This is a good price, imo.

15. Areaware Kitchen Timer from Big Night $48

A fun kitchen timer would be unique (and useful). Or a more neutral kitchen timer for $18.

16. Silicone Baking Mat from Target $10

Baking mats are a solid functional gift and this one is a great price (I like the blue too).

As another option though, you could upgrade to a tried-and-true bakers favorite baking mat instead. It has 7,500+ 5 star reviews so you know it’s a good one!

17. Cookie Stamp from East Fork $17

Along the same lines as a biscuit cutter, a cookie stamp would be a great gift too. And this one is under $20!

18. Organic Vegetable (and Herb) Seeds from Amazon $9

The intersection of cooking and gardening… organic seed packets. Also available on Terrain!

Kitchen gift ideas for millennial cooks and bakers who want their kitchen to look good, but also function well.

Gifts for Cooks + Bakers Over $50

19. Flower Salad Servers from Food52 $55

I think Gen Z would especially love these salad servers.

Looking for something more classic? Try these simple wood servers ($10) or these mauve green salad servers ($26).

20. Mango Wood Serving Platter from Casa Zuma $100

This serving platter would be such a great hostess gift, in addition to being a good one for cooks and bakers. 

21. Trulli Oil and Vinegar Bottles from East Fork $105

These glass bottles are beautiful! I would keep them out on the counter year round if I had these. Way too pretty to be hidden away in the pantry.

22. Variegated Pink Lemon Tree from Etsy $125

If you know anyone who loves to cook (or just loves lemons), this pink lemon tree is SUCH a good gift. I want one! Available on Etsy…and also found them for sale at Bloomscape.

23. Wonder Oven from Our Place $195 on sale for $175

Obviously the best looking air fryer I’ve seen! But it’s not just an air fryer. The wonder oven can air fry, toast, bake, roast, reheat, and broil! Comes in 6 colors.

24. Zwilling Digital Scale from Williams Sonoma $50 on sale for $29.99

Weigh everything from dough to whole chickens (up to 22 pounds). Both cooks and bakers will get their use our of this digital scale.

25. Pallares Solsona Santoku Knife from June Home Supply $124

A really nice (and sharp) knife is a great gift for a cook, imo.

26. Kaloh Lidded Mixing Bowls from West Elm $110 on sale for $88

I love these mixing bowls bc 1) they have lids and 2) they stack inside each other, so they take up less space.

They’d be great at parties for for serving chips and things too. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.

27. Cuisinart 14-Cup 50th Anniversary Edition Food Processor from Williams Sonoma $249.95

I honestly feel a little irrational for wanting this food processor so bad. Knowing full well that I hardly ever use a food processor and definitely don’t need a $200+ one.

BUT I do think this is a cool gift for someone who would get a lot of use out of it. I love the vintage look of it and the fact that it’s a 50th anniversary edition.

woman making a salad in large wood bowl and dehydrating machine

More Must-Have Gifts $50+

28. The Salad Ritual Bundle from Casa Zuma $99

I know a lot of people who be pretty happy to receive this gift during the holidays (me included). It’s a big (beautiful) wood salad bowl, wood serving spoons, and a salad ritual booklet (with recipes).

29. COSORI Food Dehydrator from Amazon $135.99

This dehydrator is the #1 best selling dehydrator on Amazon and has more than 15,000 5 star reviews. 

I’ve gotten deep into drying out citrus in the oven for the holidays. And people keep telling me to just get a dehydrator – faster and easier.

So I looked ’em up and this was the best one for the price. You can even make jerkies with it, if that’s something you’re into.

Woman wearing a DIY fabric apron in an abstract pattern, alongside a quirky set of DIY cutting boards made of wood.

DIY Gift Ideas for Cooks + Bakers

Don’t see anything on this list that feels like a fit? What about making your gift instead? 

These DIY gift ideas are great for anyone that likes to cook or bake…

Woman standing in white loft space wearing a tan dress and colorful apron

DIY Apron Idea

This is one of my most popular tutorials (top 5 of all time). And the reason is: it’s EASY and FAST to make (only takes 10 minutes), AND is super functional / practical.

Plus, you can customize the fabric to reflect the style of the person you’re giving it to. I love the idea of painting your own pattern on a large piece of fabric and then using that as the base to make the apron. Would be another cool way to add a personal touch.

Make your own pattern of apron in minutes and sew this up for a friend, family member, or yourself.

  • I also have a half apron tutorial, if you’re looking for a different style.
  • And this DIY cafe apron as well.

Wavy wood cutting board on limestone countertop with limes and mangoes being cut

DIY Cutting Board Idea

I personally think handmade / DIY cutting boards are THE BEST. And I love this cutting board DIY because your can make any shape you can dream up.

Regular rectangular cutting boards need not apply. Although, that works too, if that’s your thing.

Head over to my tutorial to make a DIY cutting board like this one. Or any shape really.

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